Flavoured Tea

The flavouring of tea originates back to ancient China. Tea was refined with jasmine or rose blossoms as early as 960 AD. 

This form of flavouring is still practised today and is still very popular. 

Spices such as cloves, ginger or cardamom as well as other ingredients such as mint or saffron have been and are used to naturally flavour tea. 

Enthusiasm for aromatic teas in Europe began with the famous Earl Grey tea. 

Today, the variety of flavours makes it possible to develop new creations to match every taste. 

We use the finest flavours, spices and ingredients for our flavoured teas. Are you looking for a very special blend or do you want to create a very special aroma yourself? Talk to our experts in the service team. We will help you find the ideal solution when it comes to taste, quantity and individual packaging.


Herbal Blends

Herbs were a popular remedy against discomfort as early as the Middle Ages and were in great demand due to their good taste and beneficial effect.
They were said to have a healing effect and even today herbs are becoming more and more popular.